Please excuse the redundant title.How stupid would we have to be to allow Bush/Cheney to repeat the Iraq war in Iran given that:

  • The financial health of the USA has been decimated by vastly increased spending (trillions of dollars being spent in Iraq)
  • The US military is already stretched thin dealing with the mess in Iraq
  • The national health care/insurance crisis is leaving more people without health care

I don’t see how we can afford another war either financially or logistically. Not to mention the cost in human life which is conveniently ignored by most of those who are not at risk.Of course, it does seem that every action made by this administration has benefited either Cheney’s former employer (KBR/Halliburton) or large donors to their campaign. Another, larger war would certainly be a boon to the likes of KBR, Blackwater and gang. Have they done anything to make life better for the average US citizen?I also don’t understand why the President of Iran was denied permission to pay his respects at the site of the world trade center, so maybe I’m just out of touch.


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