Read this for a well written example of how telcos and their lobbyists (aka the FCC) are looting the public treasury in the United States.

It is just one more example of the brazen profiteering of US corporations at the expense of the public. The scariest example seems to be the huge number of private contractors that are doing the jobs that the military used to do in Iraq. There are almost as many private individuals representing the US in Iraq as there are military personnel. Some claim that these private firms are doing the grunt work so that the military can focus on what they do best, but that doesn’t explain why they are paid many times more than the soldiers who are taking higher risks. Is it a coincidence that the corporation that profits the most from the Iraq war is the one that was led by the current vice president? The man should be in prison. Not just any prison, but the deepest, darkest, hellish nightmare hole of a prison.


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