Here’s a problem I never thought existed… our address is 48 London Street in Edinburgh. Seems like a normal enough address, right? Please tell that to every single delivery person since we moved in here 3 months ago. Here’s the situation: for some reason we are on the odd numbered side of the street, despite the fact that we have an even numbered address. To compound the problem, we are located on the roundabout (London St, East London St, and Broughton St) and delivery people apparently assume that doorways on the roundabout are considered to be on Broughton St. and not London St.

So if you send us a package via anything but Royal Mail (or USPS) then don’t bother giving it a priority status because it will take us a week to get in touch with the delivery company who fails to notice that our home actually exists.

It’s not that difficult to find!


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